Petrides holiday villas: the best holiday villa package in Cyprus

Petrides villas are very attractive, modern villas set in a wonderful countryside position in Argaka with amazing views over the surrounding countryside and the sea. These views are best enjoyed from the large balconies, or from the pool terrace - the ideal place to really unwind. Inside, the villas are fully equiped and furnished in a contemporary modern style, a guarantee for perfect holidays in Cyprus. Besides that we take care of your transfers from and to the airport and although the sea is not far away, a rental car is provided for your trips into town or to discover the area and sightseeing.

About Argaka

Argaka is a village between Polis Chrysochous and Pomos.

Rich Culture

The area has a lot to offer, both cultural as well as nature-wise.

Places to Visit

Visit the old churches, excavations, a live music event in Paradise Place in Pomos or drive up towards the Troodos Mountains and visit the Moufflon reserve in Stavros tis Psokas.


A car is in fact essential because there is not a lot of public transportation available.

Car Rental

Petrides rental cars all have air conditioning and are in excellent condition.


Best Japan attractions


Japan is popular all over the globe not only for its latest technology but also for the richness of its tradition and culture. Actually Japan is one of the countries in Asia mostly visited by visitors. For those who would like to purchase air tickets to Japan to have a perfect understanding of Japan practices and customs, here are some of the destinations which feature best of Japan. My friend who works over New Braunfels Water Softener suggested some great places in japan which are as follows.


Japan is also popular for its Anime. Anime has a very big audience in Japan and recognition through the globe.  Visitors will see these Anime superheroes come alive in the Harajuku streets. Young people dressed up in their best Anime character costume complete with makeup and architectural hair is a usual scene in the neighbourhood of Harajuku whose names becomes synonymous with pictures of costume play. On Sunday, the bridge outside Harajuku Station which is the Jingubashi, serves as the meeting destination of these cosplayers.


Higayashima which means Eastern Mountains is the remarkable place in Japan for temple-hopping. It is a part of Kyoto, free from traffic jam and tour buses. Higayashima is a best place to learn more about Japanese culture and history as this area is rich in traditional gardens and Buddhist temples. Walk northeast along the side of the Otawa River to arrive at the Sekizanzemin Temple then continue to the Shugakuin-rikyu palace which is very close. Head south to go to Hachidai Shrine, Shisendo Temple and Enkoji Temple.


A trip to other locations would not be complete without tasting its special traditional cuisine. Downtown Kyoto for the top Kaiseki-ryori in Japan, it is traditional multi-course tasty cuisine which evolved from the general meals served at the team ceremony during the very old times. Visitors can enjoy Kaiseki-ryori in professional restaurants or by staying at a Japanese-style inn called as ryokan.


Nikko is another famous tourist place that has a number of famous temples and shrines. When it was developed as a mountain resort, it became more famous among the travelers. As the city is surrounded by charming forests, peaceful mountains and streams, a big number of visitors visit Nikko which is placed in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture.
Mijyajima also called as Itsukushima is a shrine island. It is well-known for the Itsukushima Shrine which is UNESCO Globe Heritage Place. As there are many places nearby Miyajima, plan your tour accordingly to witness the beauty of all Mount Misen and shrines.

New Braunfels vacation homes

New Braunfels vacation homes


Looking for a New Braunfels vacation homes in or near New Braunfels, Texas?  You have come to the best place to stay on the beautiful Comal and Guadalupe Rivers.  Best Texas Travel provide access to some of the most beautiful rental cottages, homes, and condos are conveniently located close to all New Braunfels has to offer.  Heres some great tips!


Each of our properties is fully equipped with everything you need for a great vacation and ready for you and your family or friends.  Start making memories and family traditions! We pride ourselves on first class customer service and beautiful rental properties; second to none.


Best Texas Travel offers Daily, Weekly, and Monthly New Braunfels vacation homes to fit your needs.

Enjoy the most secluded part of the Comal River in New Braunfels at the foot of natural springs. Gruene TX Vacation rental offers nature and convenience with local attractions minutes away from schlitterbahn New Braunfels cabins. Best Texas Travel offer hotels in New Braunfels with Riverfront, large pool, grills, boats and game room – find the perfect getaway year round for families or groups in our unique a-frame rooms and large rental houses.  There is no smoking inside the rooms or houses.  Please read the policy page at the bottom for full list of rules and regulations.


Looking for hotels in New Braunfels Texas?


Looking for schlitterbahn New Braunfels cabins?


Experience the privacy of our short-term rental homes, and the community sites and activities in our area. We provide the luxury of a home atmosphere. New Braunfels and Gruene provide the rest. Enjoy your stay with us in one or more of our vacation rentals. A place to get away from it all, including noisy motels and condos. Your own private place to hang out for a weekend, or maybe longer. By yourself or with those you want to be around.


Sindh an its beauty

7ecc89656377d9df0f81f7eafa115efd--pakistan-country-traditional-houseSindh is 2nd largest populous province of Pakistan. Karachi port and Arabian Sea are heart of Businessmen and main possession of Pakistan. This province has different culture, customs, languages and tradition.

My friend at Kitchen Remodeling Fort Lauderdale was telling me that the People in Sindh speak Sindhi which is 2nd largest language in Pakistan. This is Indo-Aryan language. This is most ancient language spoken in Pakistan.

Sindhi’s wear Ajrak and Sindhi topi (cap). Ajrak is a block print shawl, mostly in red, blue, black and white colors. Sindhi topis (caps) have Sindhi embroidery and mirror work on it.

Mohanjo Daro is oldest city of Sind. Mohanjo Daro “Mound of Dead Men”. It is located in Larkana District. Based on analysis, it is said that the city name could have been kukkutarma. Many things were found from this city like Bronze dancing girl statuette, many seated and standing figures, gold and jasper jewelry, scale and weights and children toys etc.

Music of Sindh also have great popularity ratio. Mostly Sufi music is likable around Sindh and is also performed on shrines.

Sindh has many provincial sports like Kodi kodi, Wanjh wati, cricket, football etc.

Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Sachal Sarmast are also from Sindh. They were very famous poet of his on time and later on their work became part of Pakistani literature books.

Sindhi celebrates Sindhi day on 1st Sunday of December on every year. On this day they decorate their houses, buildings, and shops with Ajrak and Sindhi caps. Men wear Ajrak and Sindhi caps and women wear Ajrak shirts and Ajrak dupattas too. The programs are arranged, musical nights are arranged where sindhi singer sing sindhi songs. This day is also called “Ekta Day”. This day was first time celebrated in 2009 on 6th of December.

Sindhi folk music and Indian rag are always beautiful blend of sindhi songs.

what are the attractions found in China to visit ?

guilin-kweilinChina has very long history and there a wide range of wonders to see in China well, of course , there are much more attractions in China to visit , which are given as follows . It will be totally injustice, if The Great Wall of China , found in Beijing is not discussed  by us . it the longest wall in the China .It is symbol of ancient architecture having its path from mountains with great scenery .This wall has covered an area of 5,000km (3,100 miles) but the most fascinating and preserved parts of this great wall are very close to Beijing .The Terracotta Army in Xian is actually Emperor Qin’s buried  Battalions, which has buried underground for more than 2,000 years. Well, in 1974, farmers dig a well left uncovered and in 1987, it become world cultural Heritage. It was ordered by First Emperor Qin’s from whom China gets its name , to create  the statues of army of Terracotta to represent the triumph of the army. As told by my uncle at About 720,000 builders took part to construct the statues in 246-206 BC .

The next interesting thing to discuss is the forbidden city in Beijing China , was also imperial palace for 24 emperors. Well, of course , it is not difficult to understand that this “Place City” was not allowed to get entry for ordinary people. You can see here the wonderful architecture having more than 8,000 rooms with golden roofs are gracefully made and painted in red and yellow.The forbidden  city was imperial palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties till 1911 and now it is a cultural and historical heritage. The next wonder is the watery wonder , The Li River in Guilin.Well this river and the beauty of nature surrounding it has gained the attention of artists and poets to capture its beauty by their brushes and pens . The Li River was declared and listed as on of the “World” top ten watery magazine of America. The yellow mountains in Huangshan , are found in east China, close to Shanghai and Hangzhou. They are world’s famous mountains, which attract tourists due to it five wonderful features which are as follows, the sunrise ,clouds spreading all around like a sea, the rocks with very odd shape, twisted pine trees and the hot springs.These are the most famous peaks ,which make one of the best China’s National Park.Giant pandas in chengdu, is a national treasure of china ,because the giant panda is not only liked by childern ,but they are also loved by everyone . The best place to  see giant panda is Chengdu , which is also known as hometown of the giant pandas.The West Lake    in Hangzhou is well known lake , which is also called as “the paradise in china “, and it is created on the basis of admiration of Chinese for garden styled parks . Many visitors come here to see the beauty of this lake by cycling or walking around it .

So, the attractions in China as mentioned above are very wonderful to visit.


6048Beaches are one of the most beautiful natural creations on the earth. The very sight of sky and water meeting is a treat to watch. In addition to it the very experience watching the waves rise and fall is unbeatable. Every beach is special but if you want nothing but the best, you should visit which are suggested by my family dentist in new braunfels these eight most marvelous beaches in the world.

The Maldives

We all know about Maldives. The scenic beauty there cannot be described in the world. Maldives offers its visitors with the luxury of four star hotels, spas and exotic food and with the eye treat of its beautiful beaches. And to act as the icing on the cake it also provides you with the ultimate under water swimming and coral exploration experience.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii beaches have always won hearts. No-one wants to return home from the outstanding beaches of Hawaii. One of the best among them is the Lanikai beach. The deep green water and the sparkling sand with swaying palm tree with the coral reef is a win win situation in terms of a perfect beach holiday experience.

The Fraser Island, Australia

What about going to the world’s largest sand island? On the sunny coast of the state of Queensland, lies the Fraser Island. The area has a number of unspoiled beaches that are naturally beautiful. This can be truly termed as the paradise on earth


Have you ever seen the beach pictures with pink sand and turquoise water? Yes so those pictures belong to the Seychelles beach. If you want to witness the dream world in reality, Seychelles is the beach for you.

Bora Bora Tahiti

If someone asks me to suggest the most romantic place in the world, the Bora Bora Tahiti is the one. It is a 29km long small portion of land edged by white shores. The best among these shores is the Matira point. This makes the dream romantic destination.

The Hamptons beach New-york

The Hamptons is one of the prettiest beaches situated on the long island. This is also among some of the unspoiled beauties of the earth. The beach is famous for the air kissing sport.

Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

So if you want to holiday on a beach with your children the Nantucket beach is the ultimate destination. Because of the calmness of the water and great sand acquisition this beach is perfect for sand castle building. Children adore it and parents love it.

Kaunna’oa Bay, Hawaii

As discussed before Hawaii is the home of most amazing beaches in the-world, the cool shade of the palm tree, crystal clear water and the sparkling sand makes it impossible to avoid swimming, sunbathing and other sports here.

Travel Advice For Beach Bums: Best Place to Visit

There’s a place in this world for everybody. This is also true for people who simply love beaches more than anything else. If you’re tired of your local beaches, you can always try something new. You can go for some international beaches just to experience something you never had before. Below are some of the top most raved beaches in the world.

Anse Source d Argent
This beach is found in Seychelles specifically in the island of La Digue and is known for having those sparkling pink sands. It is being surrounded by the Indian Ocean and tipped with granite boulders. The beach is absolutely peaceful with its waves absolutely tolerable even with for inexperienced swimmers.

Maldives is found in the very southwest of Sri Lanka and is now known for catering numerous 4 star resorts. Maldives is usually flooded with tourists and even locals during night time. It is now the center of nightlife hopping in the said area. With Maldives, you will experience not only great beach view but food and company as well.

bora boraBora Bora
Bora Bora is the pride of Taihiti and is situated in the very south of Pacific. This beach is not only known for its pure white sand, but also for the protected lagoon. It is also being dubbed as “Romantic Island” because of its homey, quiet and cozy atmosphere which only makes it even more perfect for honeymooners.

Beaches can do wonders to people’s mood. That is why it is not a wonder if lots would prefer to have their dream vacation in beach resorts or just near the beach. Aside from the fact that they would experience the waves, the air or the sand, it somehow also tells something about the place you are in.

Best Places to Visit For Ornamental Plant Lovers

Nothing beats the humble plant in literally adding life to any space – whether it be a living room, or an office, a simple potted plant can do so much to add to the attitude and the atmosphere.

While there is bound to be a vast selection of ornamental plants for you to choose from in the area where you are currently residing in, there are some places around the world that are actually known for their exotic, unique, and plentiful flowers and other similar botanical delights.

It is quite easy to pinpoint specific countries in particular, but one thing you may already know is that you wouldn’t be making a mistake by choosing any country along the Equator. The weather conditions in these areas are just so encouraging for all sorts of flora to pop out of the ground, even without human assistance. If you’re in the sprinkler repair biz, and looking for more tropical plants to appreciate or even to take home for you to grow at home, most of the countries in the southern regions of Asia should be in your itinerary.

amazon jungleYou would also do well to treat yourself to a trip to any country in South America where you can pay a visit to the Amazon jungle – any reliable tours to this veritable haven to all sorts of plants (and even some that have yet to be discovered) may leave you absolutely overwhelmed.

Of course, this isn’t to say that there aren’t any locations away from the Equator with ornamental plants of worth – Japan, for instance, has upheld the tradition of Bonsai – that is, the intentional stunting of the growth of otherwise massive trees to the point that you can fit them into pots, for you to appreciate in any indoor area. Besides being rich in cultural heritage, countries in the Mediterranean have a vast choice of ornamental plants that could grow and thrive in even more testing climates.

What’s left to do is to really just list down what you want to see and take home. The world has so much to offer in terms of ornamental plants – all you need to do is look.

Best Places to Visit For History Lovers

While some people choose to travel with the intention of relaxation or getting away from it all, there are those who take the trip for educational purposes. To these distinguished travelers, it seems as if they are more relaxed when they make it to places where so many world events have transpired over the centuries.

If you’re one of these people who choose to visit another country for this reason above all, then you may want to book your next flight towards these places full of culture, and more importantly, history:

France: You probably knew France was going to be on the list as you read the title of this article, but it needs to be emphasized again. France is where so much in the way of European history: from medieval castles to heritage sites marking the milestones of the Renaissance and the Reformations, the history buff would be spoiled for choices of places to visit and take pictures. It’s just a bonus that some of the best food in the world can only be sampled in France.

Notable Historic Sites: The Eiffel Tower, The Arc De Triomphe, The Seine River

japanJapan: For the traveler who would like to go back in time with a more Eastern perspective, Japan is the premier choice, simply because as much of their culture as a nation has been preserved, so much of their historic sites have stood the test of time as well. What’s nice about Japan is that you can see how the country has literally evolved to keep up with the rest of the world, not merely keeping in pace but striding in terms of technology and the arts.

Notable Historic Sites: Mt. Fuji, San’nai-Maruyama Ruins, The Yamanobe Road, Yoshinogari Remains

If you’re on the move, looking for historical sites to visit, you have so much in terms of choices, even on a budget. What’s good is that you can literally make virtual visits by reading up on what a city or country has to offer through online sources.

France and Japan are only two of so many more countries rich in history and heritage. Take the opportunity to travel to these countries today.